This was a really fun show I was invited to participate in.
It was organized by friend and PopCap coworker Rich Werner
who did a great job bringing everything together.  
The show featured many talented area artists from PopCap, Griptonite, and others.
I really enjoyed creating a piece for this show because it had a very nostalgic vibe for me. 
My friends and I spent a lot of time (and money) in these old school arcades growing up in Seattle.
Flyer for the show

 (Very) rough thumbnail sketch

Color study

Work in progress

Final product
Halfway through the production of the piece, I decided
to add a bit of humor to it by transforming it into one of those demotivational posters.
It just seemed appropriate and I figured most people would get the joke (and they did).
I'm thinking a series would be fun to take on.

Detail 1

Detail 2

Detail 3
Detail 4

A man and his Pterodactyl

Crazed obsessive fans (very nice people enjoying my art)